Gumby Fest Stop Motion Festival


Best of Fest – Clokey Award
Heather Collins
The Walker

Award of Excellence Rebecca Celsi
The Summer Dragons

Award of Excellence Adina Cohen
Fork and Knife

Award of Excellence Brandon Ray
Bill Carter – ‘Anything Made of Paper’

Award of Excellence Megan Hersman

Award of Excellence Peter Zavala
‘Champ’ (a mushrooms tale)

Honorable Mention Ana Smith
Frequent Flyers

Honorable Mention Meghan Cook
TLC: Tough Lovin’ Care

Honorable Mention Xstine Cook
Lilly Gets a Pet

Honorable Mention Kai Gere
Clayton and Sid – The Case of the Giant Vegetable

Honorable Mention Thomas Nicol
The Moose Emergency

Honorable Mention John Gehrke
Duane & Company