Gumby Fest 2014 Invites Amateur Animators to Submit Stop-Motion Videos

Amateur animators are invited to submit stop-motion videos to be featured on the website of and possibly shown at Gumby Fest 2014.

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Though Gumby Fest 2014 takes place on June 14 in Glendora, organizers are welcoming amateur animators to send stop-motion videos to be featured on the web site,, and possibly screened at the celebration.

Beginning animators can download smartphone apps to create their own videos, a sample of which is found on the Gumby Fest web site on the “Technicals” page.

All ages are invited to participate. Videos should be no more than 15 minutes long and must be suitable for family audiences.For information about submitting videos, send an email to Please put “Video Submission Info” in the Subject Line.  The Gumby television series was produced from 1960 to late ‘70s in Glendora.

Gumby Fest 2014 will feature Gumby Through the Years presented by Joe Clokey, son of creator Art Clokey; a Gumby Museum of memorabilia; film and video screenings; discussions by film stop-motion animators; workshops along with plenty of games, contests and activities for the whole family.

Gumby Fest is produced by the Glendora Chamber of Commerce, Glendora Community Services, Glendora Library, Glendora Rotary and Glendora Kiwanis.Sponsors include A1 Rentals, The Glendora Library Friends Foundation, Southland Properties, NJ Croce, Undercovers, Crazy Dog Ladies, Alta Pacific Bank, and TAS Advertising Specialists.

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  1. Christine Fall

    A Gumby Festival–I just had to find out more about this event! Most moms and children remember Gumby affectionately.
    After my second child was born, I was so bombed when I couldn’t find Gumby in the stores! I was so jazzed to discover that Gumby originated in my own home town of 39 years. Wow! What fun that will be. (I work as a Community Liaison for a school district in the area, so I love to promote resources for children, especially those with special needs. You can be sure I will promote this during the remaining time of this semester, under “Summer Events.”).

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