Organizers Seek Volunteers to Teach Stop-Motion Animation to Kids at Premier Gumby Fest, June 14, in Glendora

Most everyone smiles when they think of Gumby, the world’s original clayboy and pop-culture icon who starred in more than 230 TV episodes and a movie.

Now Gumby is coming home to Glendora – where the TV series was produced from 1960 to late ‘70s – for the first-ever Gumby Fest to be held June 14 at the Glendora Public Library.

Gumby Fest 2014 will feature “Gumby Through the Years” presented by Joe Clokey, son of creator Art Clokey; a Gumby Museum of memorabilia; film screenings; discussions by film stop-motion animators; workshops along with plenty of games, contests and activities for the whole family.

Festival organizers are seeking filmmaking professors and students to volunteer to conduct a hands-on stop-motion workshop so children can learn about animation. Ideally a workshop committee will be formed to oversee this effort and conduct the “studio” during the festival.

Volunteers may contact Cindy Romero of the Glendora Public Library at or Greg Wyatt at

Art and Ruth Clokey founded Clokey Films (later renamed Clokey Productions) when they launched “Gumby” in 1955. The studio moved from Hollywood to a larger facility in Glendora, California in 1960 when they began production on 85 “Gumby” episodes and 65 “Davey and Goliath” episodes.

Clokey’s son Joe and his wife Joan employ top animators, puppet makers and set designers in the industry (many of whom were mentored by Art himself) as they continue all things Gumby with Premavision, Inc., and Prema Toy, Inc.

Festival planning continues and sponsorships are available at several levels, each named after a Gumby character:

  • Gumby’s Pal: $2,500 (two left)
  • Pokey’s Pal: $1,000 (three left)
  • Prickle’s Pal: $500
  • Nopey’s Pal: $250
  • Blockheads Pal: $100
  • For details, visit

Volunteers are also being sought to participate in various areas of involvement.

Gumby Fest is produced by the Glendora Chamber of Commerce, Glendora Community Services, Glendora Library, Glendora Rotary and Glendora Kiwanis.

Sponsors include The Glendora Library Friends Foundation, Southland Properties, NJ Croce, Undercovers, Crazy Dog Ladies and TAS Advertising Specialists.

For more information about Gumby Fest, call Gary Boyer at (626) 914-6999 (, Joe Cina at (626) 963-4128 (, or visit

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